Monday, 7 October 2013

Brink, Ghost Recon and Syndicate... (Yawn)


My dad always say's 'meh, shooters' and for a while I thought he was completely wrong. But now after I've played a few more shooters I understand what he means every shooter is the same. You are super soldier, with gun, you must save world and you must kill 3000000000 people in the process. Yes I'm looking at you Ghost Recon - Future Soldier, Brink and Syndicate. All the same get gun kill a billion guys and win. The End.
In terms of these three I don't really rate them at all. They all seem boring to me. The only one that partly is good is Ghost Recon and that's only because you don't have to kill everybody. Instead of 3000000000 people it's only 1000000000. I give Syndicate and Brink a 6/10. Ghost Recon gets a 7/10. All boring. In my opinion just leave them it's no big deal if you haven't played them.


Saturday, 27 July 2013


Snake, one of the first games I have ever played on my good old Nokia. It must have been at least 6 years ago from now but I can safely say that I'd never thought that I'd make a Snake game.

Steve is a snake who loves to eat his favourite yellow fruit but be careful because there is green walls which can stop Steve. This is my third app which I released for £1. I wanted to have another shot at a paid app release to see how they sell on the Google Play store. 

Link to Steve


Monday, 13 May 2013

The Premier League 2012-2013

It looks like it will be an explosive end to the season in both the bottom of the table and the top. At the top you have Arsenal,Chelsea and Tottenham fighting for champions league which will continue to be extremely fierce. At the bottom of the table you have the relegation battle which in my opinion I find more interesting. You have giant killers Wigan, Sunderland and possibly Aston Villa. Personally I think it will finish in the exact same way as the table to the right apart from that Wigan and Sunderland will be switched around, or at least I hope it will be like that.

Friday, 26 April 2013


The never ending game... Ssskkyyrriimm! This map is flaming massive said Abbas when he saw the map for the first time.

After this he decided to do everything but alas his mission was unsuccessful. He did about 60% of the game including everything from exploring to mining but still he did try the best he could. Abbas being the determined fellow he is, did attempt many times to try and complete skyrim but this is not to say he did not finish the main quest, oh no. Abbas laughed in the face of fear, killing countless enemies from skeletons to humans, he did not care for it was the Dragonborn's Path. However in amongst alll of this, Abbas did get married, settle down and buy a house, a horse and even thought of just leaving the role of Dragonborn. However he thought this was foolish because he is the Dragonborn. So he went did all of the various dragon born tasks's and finally killed the evil big boss... The End.

Skyrim = 8/10 - At times can be very boring. Apart from that it's great.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Completed Game - XCOM Enemy Unkown- The Legend Of ActionAbbas

Warning: This post contains major spoilers.

Legend tells of a legendary warrior, whose skills were the stuff of legend. This warrior was part of an elite organisation known as XCOM. XCOM were tasked with the impossible mission of fighting an alien invasion.

This warrior was called... Abbas Khan. To his squad mates he was known as ActionAbbas. This man was part of a legendary squad known as The Great Khans. For national security reasons his squad will only be listed by there code names. The squad consists of ActionAbbas - Leader/Assault, Monster - Sniper, Baby - Support, Somyaka - Assault, Gospvg - Support and PinkPinkSam - Heavy. In addition to this two members of this squad have special pisonic abilities.

Also for national security reasons I can only say that the HQ is based in Europe. The unit are fully equipped with plasma weaponry and Archangel armor, except the leader who has special pisonic enhancing armor.

Approximately 1 year after this squad was recruited, the alien invasion was prevents, this is because this squad were the driving force in XCOM and thanks to their efforts the alien threat was neutralized.

Unfortunately on the final assault, the great khans leader, ActionAbbas was killed. He died saving us all, he is a Hero. The mother ship was creating a giant black hole and this black hole was going to consume the earth and the entire human civilization. But ActionAbbas forced his unit to evacuate and he drove the ship into space and destroyed it. ActionAbbas is humanity's savior.

This is the legend of ActionAbbas.

On a more realistic note this game is quality and deserves all the credit it got in E3, if you like sci-fi games this is probably just as good as Fallout, I give it a 10/10.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

So where are we know?

28th February 2013, At the moment we have released 2 games, quite a few updates and have 6 games awaiting release. The 6 games consist of a Noughts and Crosses Tablet version, Project Pattern (We have not decided on a name yet),Project Pattern (We have not decided on a name yet) Tablet version, Project MySnake (We have not decided on a name yet) and Project MySnake Tablet version (We have not decided on a name yet). These games should be released within the next few months.

On a another note, EA microtransactions, what a load off absolute rubbish, this is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of. I mean of all the money making schemes this is what they do, in app purchases seriously? Sometimes I just wonder, I mean publishers must be making plenty of money from the games they publish, for example with EA, they have Criterion and Need For Speed, Bioware and Mass Effect, Visceral Games and Dead Space and many more, yet still they need to make more money. I don't know....

On a slighter nicer point, Yay I made my new logo.